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Free weekly horoscope for each star sign from renowned astrologer Kelli Fox. Should the stars guide you when life is leading you down all sorts of dark and dangerous alleys? Horoscopes Your free Daily and Weekly Horoscope. The Sydney Morning Herald. October 8, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. October 7, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. Wellbeing Your weekly horoscopes, October 6 - 13 Free weekly horoscope for each star sign from renowned astrologer Kelli Fox. October 6, by Kelli Fox Add to shortlist.

October 5, by Hedy Damari Add to shortlist. The January Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is your promise that you can create a new paradigm, which gives you an encouraging vision for your future. Love and relationships: The cosmos encourages you to show your playful side in matters of romance.

The January Supermoon Lunar Eclipse, in your sign, is a promise that the year holds great potential for emotional fulfilment. Finance and Fortune: In March, as Uranus moves into the part of the sky representing your career and achievements, it questions what constitutes success. The Transit Of Mercury reveals the insight to negotiate the best way forward through a detailed analysis of your past.

You might face uncomfortable truths; but with determination, whatever you invest in holds exciting potential. As you find your voice, and express your needs, expect to find them answered. Finance and Fortune: As Mercury moves towards its transit of the Sun, it influences the whole year, highlighting the gifts brought by your past learning.

No one knows all the answers; and Neptune, in your opposite sign, brings opportunities to continue to learn from surprising sources. Love and relationships: A sense of stability and relief helps you to become more confident of your power and of speaking your truth. Once you know what you want to happen, the Transit of Mercury indicates you can control how you communicate with the people you love, and respond in a more inspired way.

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This will make a tangible difference to your happiness. Finance and Fortune: As Uranus moves out of your opposite sign in March, exciting ways of working with others bring extra financial potentials. Love and relationships: The Transit of Mercury across the Scorpio Sun will influence in a powerful way.

It symbolises the transformation possible, as you develop the confidence to share your feelings with the key people in your life. In March, as Uranus moves into your opposite sign which governs relationships , there are surprises ahead.

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With your improved communication skills, these can lead to progress. The promise of the Transit of Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, taking place in your sign, indicates a series of breakthroughs. With the courage to stand up for what you value, the rewards will manifest on both a material and an emotional level. Love and relationships: Jupiter, in your sign for most of the year, ensures that your love-life will be action-packed, but the adventures will be enriching, and in good company, as you demonstrate greater emotional empathy and allow intimate connections to develop.

Neptune enables you to explore your sensitive side and find special, even spiritual meaning in a close relationship.

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Finance and Fortune: Jupiter, planet of wealth, is in your sign for most of the year, boding well. Exploring opportunities with diligence will prevent excess. A thoughtful approach is the way to lasting prosperity. Love and relationships: The year-long presence of your ruler in its own sign makes you keen to build on your relationships and a little reluctant to approach things differently for fear of undermining them. As the Transit of Mercury encourages you to reimagine your future, you can discover new ways to connect with others that will revive your relationships. Finance and Fortune: Links between your ruler and Neptune bring innovative opportunities.

As Uranus, the change-maker, moves signs in March, it brings a creative breakthrough which can lead to new means of generating resources.

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The Transit of Mercury highlights the fusion of vision and determination that will lead you towards success this year. Love and relationships : Your emotional resources will become more visible to others. As you grow more confident about expressing desires, the Transit of Mercury brings the momentum to ensure satisfaction. Finance and Fortune: The year holds the potential to reach a rewarding goal. As your innovative ruler moves into Taurus home of security and finance you can be part of a creative team. The Transit of Mercury highlights your ability to communicate, and focuses on a fusion of intellect and emotions.

With faith in friends and renewed self-confidence you can achieve something special. Love and relationships: Your ability to act instinctively means you seek a deep sense of purpose in your relationships. With Neptune and Jupiter linked in dynamic alignments, as long as your heart is open to innovative ideas about love, and where to find it, this year brings the promise of commitment.

Finance and Fortune: With Jupiter spending much of the year in the area governing your long-term goals, looks exceptionally bright. As the Transit of Mercury lets you communicate your faith in a more prosperous future, the rewards will manifest in your life.

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