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January 17 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

Patience is easily reached when you consider the stakes at risk. A power-player may cross your path. Connect with your higher self and breathe. Ceres in Scorpio wants you to be comfortable, with food on the table and money in the bank. If you are offered a position that helps you feel secure, consider it. The respect you show others is returned tenfold.

Jupiter squares Neptune. While good fortune and magical moments are part of the equation, you may have to push yourself to get to the next level. You can do it. Simple pleasures are often best.

As the final fire sign of the zodiac, you have a talent for infusing daily life with a philosophical approach. This week, the tactile, down-to-earth nitty gritty is more rewarding. What you can get your hands on, or sink your teeth into, lets you luxuriate in pure sensation. Someone powerful is about to enter your life.

Is it you? Feeling accomplished at the end of each day is rewarding. The Sun conjuncts Pluto in your sign.

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True, the heavy hitters are all there, but Capricorn is made of the stuff that can take it. Snuggled into the shadows of January, the majority of planets rest on one side of your chart. This means your energy is free and available to do with as you choose. There are things you may have to do by yourself this week. This is a mastery aspect as you own your extensive authority.

If you would like this week to slow down, it probably will. The galactic dance continues, smiling on your sign. Jupiter squares Neptune in Pisces. This means an attitude shift has to occur for all, as adjustments are a benefit.


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Then Mercury sextiles Neptune. You intuitively sense when and how to share news that makes all the difference. Cathryn Moe is a world-renowned astrologer, whose clientele includes international celebrities and high-profile figures. To stay up-to-date on what's in the stars and to download Cathryn's free smartphone app "AstroGirl," visit www. Load Comments. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Disclaimer Private Policy Terms of Use. There is a sensation of detachment found in this date, as if a person had trouble with everyday life and every authority figure they meet, even the one they carry within.

This is based on matters of the third chakra, confidence and center, and their inability to metabolize all experiences that come their way. When they lose sight of their true personality or turn to any illusion that presents itself as the easy way out, dependencies of all sorts could drag them into self-destructive tendencies.

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The symbol for this specific degree is obviously a story of reaching for something set high up that needs energy and effort to be reached. These will be Capricorns of big plans, who are obviously searching not only for success, but also for a deeper meaning, something sacred, a mission, or a religion. With all sorts of obstacles in their way, their path is always taking them upwards, until they find faith and their God within.

Successes of people born on this date get achieved only with a lot of energy and effort, on their own two feet and with their own two hands, and they will often become a part of something bigger and find a group to belong to, so they can feel they belong to a community of their own. There is always an incredible talent to be found in those born on the 17th of January and a sort of magic to their approach to life.

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While this might open them to higher spheres and separate them from a typical Capricorn grounding, this is their greatest strength if they manage to bring the knowledge collected down to Earth. The sense of peace and being in just the right place at just the right time resides in their heart.

Without its whisper to soothe them, they could easily get lost and find people around them dishonest, lost, faded, or gone too quickly. To hold their balance, they need to discover themselves and follow their mission, giving the world everything they can collect in the higher realms of knowledge. The beauty of the inner world of those born on January 17th is in their belief in magic, romance, and cosmic emotion. There is nothing holding them back from finding love except their Capricorn fences and a fear of getting hurt. They live with an inner state of division and can be torn apart from within, or feel there's a gap between them and their partner, or other people in general.

Whatever the case, they live in the atmosphere where anything is possible and this opens them up for incredible emotional experiences. The greatest risk for those born on this date is delusion and with their need to live in a bubble of beauty and freedom, they could stay alone for too long, or be with someone distant and living in a separate emotional world.

A sense of belief they carry in their heart needs to overcome the grounded need to be rational and settle for less than they deserve.

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People born on the 17th of January always have something to share with the rest of the world. This is what makes them excellent teachers, public speakers, singers and artists, but it is their talent that defines what they are the best in. They could discover it to be anything, from bioenergetic healing to particle physics, and it is impossible for anyone but themselves to say where they connect to the Universe to gather pure information.

Wandering is expected and good for them, for the more they change their perspective, the clearer the information on their personal inner goals will get. Flint is the most suitable crystal for people born on January 17th.

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It helps them bring those highest possible spiritual frequencies down into the physical world. This stone allows mental comprehension of unutterable spiritual truth and brings the honest feel towards things in life to the surface of consciousness. When choosing a gift for a person born on this date, it is important to keep their sensitive nature in mind.