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They are very sentimental, warm and loyal and put family, love and home before anything. They love anything that has personal meaning, so anything handmade will delight them. Also, since home is very important to them, gifting them anything that relates to home such as throw pillows, candles, dinnerware, glassware, cooking and baking gadgets will certainly hit the jackpot. They are also found of drinks so a nice bottle of quality wine would be a perfect choice.

Leo July 23 — August 22 — This is the celebrity of the zodiac.

Leo is always concern with health and beauty. Thus, gift wrap a set of unique hair accessories, cosmetics, fragrances or grooming kit. Virgo August 23 — September 22 — Virgos are clean freaks and very detail-oriented in anything they do. Libra September 23 — October 22 — The sign of balances and scales, Libra loves beauty and sensuality. A basket filled with scented soaps, lotions and candles would make ideal gifts for birthday. People born under this sign hate confrontation and love good entertainment so go with home decor items and entertainment accessories.

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Scorpio October 23 — November 21 — Mysterious and secretive, Scorpios are very discreet, charismatic, sensual and extra sensitive. You handle situations with a great deal of care where your employees are concerned, and you get respect in return. When dealing with partnerships, if both parties are happy, the team is more secure, or so you feel.

You even feel this way on a personal and intimate level. People born on this Sagittarius birthday love to laugh and hate being alone. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! A challenge is right up your alley as it stirs up your get-up-and-go attitude. Telling you not to do something is like telling you to do it. You get all excited like a ball of fire.

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Your determination is to be admired, Sagittarius. However, the December 18th horoscope shows that your downfall could be that you are weak and impatient. You will buy or do things on a whim and suffer the consequences later. While in a relationship, this Sagittarius birthday person will generally be the romantic type.

He or she will shower you with little gifts that come straight for the heart. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

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You seem to need love more than any other Sagittarian born under this zodiac sign. It would seem that you could become overprotective of those you love or perhaps a little obsessive.

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You love hard when you do. Test Now! They drop a lot of names as far as their social circles go. People born on December 18th are loyal, but have the tendency to be possessive. People born on this day tend to settle down at a later age.

This is because they tend to become too possessive with their lovers. People born on December 18th are creative individuals. They love anything that is related to art. People born on this day are also amiable and courteous. These traits are just among the many characteristics that draw people to them.

People born on December 18th love to live a colorful life.

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  • They are quite adventurous just like a true Sagittarius. You focus more on the people around you that you forget to put yourself forward. People often take advantage of that kindness and sidestep you.

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    Your biggest personality drawback is your tendency to become so confident in the capabilities that you end up letting people use you, seriously. You might be so comfortable in the fact that you can make things happen that people who are just in it for the ride hang on to you. You just focus on the results and the fact that your team is winning. Keep in mind that in any kind of system, if there are too many parasites, that system will eventually blow apart.

    After all, you can only put in so much work. You can only perform to such a high level until eventually, things will start to fall apart.